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These are some of what I call my sketches. They are quick to come out and are the base originals that most of my paintings are done by as well as more to come. If you look near the bottom left of "Dreamsape 2" in the larger view, you will notice elements done in 1975 that became the theme of the Yin Yang series started about 10 years later. The sketches cover a time period between 1975 and present.
Click on the images for larger views.

Laughing Man - pencil on paper

Chapel Perilous - pencil on paper
Fishy - pen on paper

Travelling - pencil on paper

Potted - pen on paper Waterfall - pencil on paper
Sonja - pencil on paper
New Aeon - pointalism ink on paper
Balance - pointalism ink on paper Eyes - pencil on paper 4 Elements - pointalism ink on paper Angel 2 - marker on paper
Angel 1 - pencil on paper Awakening - pencil on paper Conception - ink on paper Curtains - pencil on paper with paint
Dreamscape 1 - ink on paper Dreamscape 2 - ink on paper Pyramid Power - pencil on paper Mandala - pencil crayon and markers on paper
Life Train pencil crayon ink on paper Laughing Man - pencil on paper Mandala 2 - pencil crayon and markers on paper

Night Sky - unfinished pencil on paper

Old Man - pencil on paper Eye of Tonal - pencil on paper The Path - pencil crayon & ink on paper Sirius Rising ll - Pointalism ink on paper
Leo Rising - Pointalism ink on paper First there was a mountain... - pencil on paper Freedom is?? - pencil on paper Tunnels - pencil on paper
Shells - pencil on paper Transformation - Coloured ink on paper Mobile- pencil on paper  

In 1983, while vacationing in Mexico, before we were married, Sonja and I combined our talents to create these 6 pieces that we call "A Nice Pair. They are done with a mapping pen and india ink. We would each start drawing - doodling - and after 15 minutes or so or when one of us would get stuck and say "Switch". We would immediately switch the drawings and continue on with the others piece. This would happen 5 or 6 times until the drawings were finished.The 3rd set of drawings were not quite finished before Sonja had to return to Germany and I, Canada. We tried mailing back and forth to finish them but shortly there after, the 3rd set was lost. Lucky, photos were taken and those were scanned in for putting up here. The top row was started by Sonja and the bottom by myself.

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