When I first sat in front of a computer in 1990, it was a Mac llsi. 5 megs of ram and
an 80 meg hard drive running a 16 mhz processor with OS 7. I was using
Adobe Illustrator version 3.2 which even at that time,
was a natural for making maps.
Other maps can be found in the publishing pages under Visitor Guide

Since 2003 I have been designing and laying out the local Grand Forks and Area Map (below).
Each year new cover designs, advertising changes and other improvements were made
included are
the cover designs for each year (2005 is missing)







These maps were made while working for the Castlegar Sun newspaper in 1999
The originals are vector based Adobe Illustrator files. Click on the map for a larger version.

Castlegar Street map

West Kootenay Vacation map


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